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Landmark 81, 74th floor
720A Dien Bien Phu Street,

Binh Thanh District,

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


CLOSED on Monday

Tuesday-Sunday  9.30 am - 8pm





When you think of Vietnam, it’s doubtful that you think of ice. Among the busy street, hot and humid weather, introducing a whole new ice bar experience located 74th stories up on the most iconic skyscraper in town, Landmark 81. Our focus at ICE BAR is the art of ice and the unique experience that we can offer to our customers. 
Sipping a drink at an ice bar is an unusual experience. Drinks are served at -5 C and guests are knitted up in cozy coats to keep toasty. Glossy sculptures all around and completely carved to reflecting different liquor brands that our ice bar is offering. For pure visual drama, ICE BAR is truly on a level of its own. It’s like drinking inside of a diamond. 
Whether you’re newly arrived in Vietnam, or simply exploring the city in search of adventure, we like to think that no Vietnam visit is complete without an Ice Bar experience at Landmark 81. 
As day gives way to night, we guaranteed to provide customers THE BEST EXPERIENCE with DJ’s spinning nightly and an ideal venue for day and night out.
“Welcome to ICE BAR, a place where drinks are enjoyed at any time, any day, any weather and at any height.”

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